Gail Sheehy is the author of Passages, named one of the most influential books of our time by the Library of Congress. She is also a four-time NY Times best-seller.

For her new book-in-progress, she’s a woman on a mission to redefine the most misunderstood generation: millennials. They are struggling with the rupture in gender roles and a crisis in mental health. But this generation of 20- and 30-somethings is also inventing radically new passages.

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Warrior Women are on the rise. We're seeing a 50-year reversal of American society depending on men as the country's economic and entrepreneurial engine to advancing women as the promise of progress in the 21st century. Stranded Sons, confused about what it means to be a man today, are escaping into porn, video games, and weed, which blunts motivation. But the most advanced young men are daring to admit their vulnerability and answer the question: Who am I? They are joining men’s groups where it’s safe to open the original wound that sealed off their feelings and connect to other men in brotherhood.

Gail’s journalism appears in The Daily Beast, New York, Jezebel, Refinery29 and is featured in the upcoming book, Vanity Fair’s Women on Women anthology. In addition to her writing, Gail is an avid podcaster, sought-after speaker, and frequent source in upcoming documentaries. Along with 27 psychiatrists, she contributed to the groundbreaking 2017 book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, which became a prophetic bestseller.


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