Chloe Crawford


"My life is over. I don’t know how to take care of myself, so how do I take care of a baby?” 

After taking a pregnancy test, Chloe was so shocked she couldn’t get the words out. “Just go look in the bathroom,” she told her boyfriend Shane. Chloe was crying and sobbing from shock and the idea that her life and dreams just ran off the tracks. Shane was crying from excitement. He was 24. She was 19. 

Chloe gave birth in March 2015, in what should have been the second semester of her junior year of college. At first, her parents were unsupportive. They were now divorced themselves, but they had already been through this situation with their middle daughter. “My sister completely dropped the ball and didn’t step up to be a parent, so my parents are playing parents again.” 

Chloe was confident she could take on her new role as a mother – but what about marriage?

After seeing her parents divorce, she decided she wouldn't marry Shayne until their daughter graduated high school.

“It’s really easy to love somebody when they love something as much as you do. We both love our daughter so incredibly much, so when she grows up, and she’s out on her own, are we still going to be in this house together and still be in love and still want to be the two of us?” 

Chloe has taken on as her role model Lorelai Gilmore from the TV series Gilmore Girls which was wildly popular with millennials who grew up on it as teenagers.

Like Lorelai, Chloe got a job in hotel management and looked forward to raising her daughter like a best friend. When I suggested that she watch the sequel, which aired in 2017, Chloe was shaken up. Lorelai Gilmore's daughter confessed to her mother when she was 32, and not married: "Mom, I'm pregnant." Chloe may just turn out to be smarter than Lorelai Gilmore.