Hillary’s Choice

About the Book


If you want to know what kind of President the other Clinton would make, this is the book. This is the story of a woman and a marriage, both so famous the world over, we think we know everything there is to know. But Hillary’s Choice renders the political icon of our times fully human for the first time.

Gail Sheehy has been observing Hillary Clinton since 2000, talking to her informally and writing about her in Vanity Fair. The biographical portrait that emerges in Hillary’s Choice is a tour de force of hard reporting shaped by the unique insights of the author of Passages.

Delving deep into a relationship that is both supportive and destructive, Sheehy answers the constantly asked question “Why does she stay with him?” How has Hillary preserved her spirit through repeated cycles of Clinton’s seduction, betrayal, and repentance? Sheehy shows through one vivid scene after another how Hillary became addicted to Bill, and how desperately Bill depended on Hillary to teach him how to fight and bring him back again and again from the political dead. Power and shame shift violently between Hillary to Bill as Sheehy deconstructs their embattled co-presidency.

Hillary’s Choice carries the story through to her emergence as a Senator, admired and respected in her own right.

praise for hillary’s choice

“You cannot know Hillary Rodham Clinton without reading this book.”

– Lynn Scherr, ABC News

“Satisfying . . . Sheehy, drawing on interviews with hundreds of subjects–some of whom have kept silent until now–breaks new ground.”People

Insightful . . . Highly persuasive . . . Sheehy has fleshed out her story with excellent reporting.”The New York Observer