Jessica Jin


Jessica (25) was raised in Texas by Chinese immigrants. She was confronted with constant ridicule as a “slant-eye.” She drove herself into exhaustion in high school trying to please her Tiger Mom by being the “super Type A structured Asian.”

Jessica failed.

In 2008, like many progressive millennials, Jessica was electrified by seeing a person of color unite the country. “Obama’s campaign was life-changing; it meant people like me could participate in politics.” Jin swerved 180 degrees and found a source of identity in her early twenties as a political activist.

In 2016 Jessica was disturbed by a flurry of campus shootings around the country. When she heard the Texas legislature planned to loosen restrictions on post-adolescents to carry concealed guns anywhere on campuses, she was horrified. That night she posted a subversive joke to mock the fact that Texas also has a law against “obscene public displays of” dildos.

“Your dildo will be just as effective at deterring a mass shooter, but much safer for recreational play,” she tweeted.

Thousands of people RSVP’d, wanting to join in a “dildo protest” she had flippantly suggested. Jessica staged the Dildo Carry Protest on the first day of fall classes. Thousands turned out. Coverage was international.

“The joke helped me make young women comfortable with my more subversive messaging, because they appreciated the satire,” Jessica elaborated.

“Let’s put a dildo in the hands of every pissed-off college student who hasn’t been heard yet in this safety conversation!” Jin called out. Cheers rose. Her new identity as an activist overrode her embarrassment.

“So strap it on. Deal with the discomfort. Wear it loud, wear it proud. And don’t take off your dildos until people take their guns home!”