Josh Johnson and Diana Muturia


Instead of swiping right for sex, this couple tried a Third Culture Gen method: they cultivated a slow love over five years. Oakland, California born Josh started out as Diana’s boss at a call center. The beautiful Kenyan-born Diana looked up to Josh as her mentor. He, having been raised by four women, had a unique appreciation of wise women. They started an app together. 

I met them on a street corner in Harlem where Diana (25) described the near break-up that tested Josh’s notion of what it means to be a man. At the brink, Diana told him “you’re more than enough.” 

“Society puts men on a pedestal. They’re expected to pay the rent, the bills, take the garbage out…” She turned to Josh: “You’re my partner. And I’m your partner back. When you’re feeling down, you don’t have to suck it in, and man it up. There’s no need for that.”

Watch the video for more insight into Josh and Diana's TCG relationship.