A Nice Review of DARING in the Huffington Post

I was surprised this afternoon to discover a lovely piece about my memoir DARING by author Vicki Cobb, founder of the Ink Think Thank. You can read the article here in it's entirety. This is how it starts:

"Gail Sheehy and I are contemporaries, almost exactly the same age. Her latest book, Daring: My Passages, is a memoir; so it is understandable why I was drawn to it. It turns out that we have a lot in common, undoubtedly due to the times we lived in.

We both married young and got our PHT ("Putting Hubby Through" degrees; her husband was on his way to be a physician, mine on his way to be a professor. ) We both became young mothers and used writing as a way to earn money while we took care of our children. We were both swept up in the Women's Movement. She wrote about it and dared enter the male-dominated newsroom; I used it to justify my success writing for children and the empowerment it gave me while my mother looked at my newly-hatched raw ambition with horror and said, "You should have been a boy." We both became single mothers and took a risk to support ourselves and our families as freelancers. She could easily get work as a top magazine writer, I had no problem getting book contracts writing science books for kids. We both experienced white-knuckle months while unpaid bills piled up."