Our American Network: Gail Sheehy Interviews Curemark CEO Dr. Joan Fallon

Gail is back with another inspiring Women Who Dare episode, which originally aired live on OurAmericanNetwork.org on Tuesday, 10/27, 10p.m. ET. This time, we hear the story of a chiropractor who dared to give up everything and go back to school at age 50 to pursue an unconventional cure for autism.

Listen to Gail’s interview with Dr. Joan Fallon:

“Segment 1 - Gail Profiles Joan”

Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.1. “Segment 1 - Gail Profiles Joan”11:002. “Segment 2 - Lee and Gail Discuss the Profile”10:01

Original story here: http://www.ouramericannetwork.org/story.php?title=Women-Who-Dare-Gail-Sheehy-Interviews-Joan-Fallon-About-Her-Journey-to-Cure-Autism