“All the things that are supposed to be so wrong with women—you talk too much, you’re too emotional, you change your mind all the time—we consider these to be advantages,” Cat Lincoln told me when I interviewed her about the popular Silicon Valley company she founded with her friends Stefania Pomponi and Kristy Sammis.Clever Girls Collective, which connects major brands with popular (mainly female) bloggers for advertising campaigns, has found success not by emulating the male-dominated culture of other tech companies, but by prioritizing personal connection over algorithms, teamwork over cut-throat competition, and above all, flexibility.

My latest article for Success Magazine, “How to ‘Run It Like a Girl,’” follows Clever Girls’ decision to found their own company and to create a work environment that supports family commitments, especially motherhood. No success story is free of hurdles. Clever Girls ran into infantilization by established banks and venture capitalists. But these daring women have vaulted over each of them to come up with an alternative business model that could make Silicon Valley and corporate America more accessible and supportive for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

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