Nikki, Melina, Lexi and Zoie

Nikki, Melina, Lexi and Zoe.png

Think Millennials have a hard time finding a relationship?  Just ask Gen Z.  

We talked to a group of adorable 19-year-olds  --just-under millennial age --in Washington Square Park.  

The tall Iranian girl groaned, “Today, instead of coming over to hit on  you, guys will message  you or ask for your Instagram and walk away. Then they’ll message  you,  ‘Oh, you’re so beautiful.‘ It’s all a game.“  

The pretty blonde in a shorter-than-short shorts begins her bitch with, “Instead of,  ‘Can I have your number?’  now it’s  SNAPCHAT” all the girls whine in unison.  The blonde shakes her head. “There’s no more courtship” 

Another blonde in tank top sneers, “They can’t date anyone – you can’t say relationship. 

It’s ‘Do we have a thing?’   

“After three months you might get to the point where it’s either ‘“Too serious”  or “Are we gonna  start dating? ” and then they move to the next girl.”  

The girl in the red stripes piles on. “And a week later, it’s, ‘Oh, we’re done.’  Then you never hear from them again.”