Pathfinders: Overcoming the Crises of Adult Life

About the Book


Few books have changed more lives than Gail Sheehy’s Passages. In her followup landmark best seller, Pathfinders, Sheehy explains why some of us overcome life’s crises while others do not. Through interviews with hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, she has found that the true pathfinders are men and women who have discovered uncommon solutions to the predictable crises and unexpected accidents of adult life. In vivid, unforgettable portraits, Gail Sheehy tells their life stories and analyzes the process by which they accumulated confidence, control and courage in their lives.

Pathfinders is that rare book which sets you on your own unique path to well-being.

No matter what age or gender you are, you are likely to face many of the following crossroads: leaving home, choosing a mate, starting a career, turning thirty, considering divorce, deciding whether or not to become a parent, mourning the death of a parent, letting go of children, turning fifty, facing financial disasters, and learning how to retire without joining the walking dead. Pathfinders will show you how to turn these life obstacles into opportunities.

“A triumph….Gail Sheehy is a wonderful writer.”Chicago Tribune

“Completely fascinating….This is a wonderful book based on four years of formidable research….What gives the book its power is the frankness with which these people open their minds and hearts to expose their frustrations and pain. These people speak with voices that cut right through you.” The Washington Post

Pathfinders is a worthy successor to Passages, going much further than its predecessor in suggesting how the crises of adulthood – both the predictable passages, and the unpredictable accidents – can be overcome successfully.” Psychology Today